Weight Loss

There are many ways to kill a rat; so are the numbers of weight loss options. Ideally, losing weight requires much more than cutting down the amounts of calories. If you happen to visit Dietagem’s blog, you will realize that the rule of the thumb is to cut down the amounts of fats and carbs in your diet. What should one eat to lose weight? Here are some food items believed to have a direct impact on any weight loss drive.

Fat burning foods that should be on your plate

Protein-rich foods

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Consuming protein-rich foods helps in losing weight. As much as you might feel full after eating some proteins, these foods require considerably high energies to be broken down, unlike other foods. If you are planning to cut some weight, you should stick to a diet plan that has things like fish, beans, nuts, and some eggs.

Whole grains

Whole grains are also essential food items to be on your weight loss diet. These foods are rich in essential elements like magnesium, vitamin E & B and fiber. These foods play a vital role in regulating your blood sugar levels and in regulating your metabolism. Another good thing about whole grains like oats is that the fiber content in them digests slowly leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Even better, the body uses lots of calories to break down and digest grains.


Apples are known to offer potent benefits when it comes to healthy living. If you need to shed some weight, apples can help you in many ways. First, apples are loaded with fiber, which keeps you fuller for longer thus reducing your cravings for food. Another good thing about proteins is that they are packed with a substance known as pectin. This chemical has the effect of reducing the amounts of fats absorbed by your cells. Thus, biting into an apple takes you a step closer to realizing healthy weights.


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Cinnamon is one of the most important fat burning ingredients you can have. Cinnamon has been believed to be an active fat burning species. It achieves this by boosting the body’s mechanisms that regulate both sugar and cholesterol levels. The effect of having optimal blood sugar levels helps in preventing the cravings from food and gives you energetic all day.


Leafy vegetables are a must-have in any weight loss diet. Vegetables are rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamin C. Moreover, vegetable juices help detoxify the body, increase metabolic rates, and improve the body’s fat burning abilities.