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Help Your Kid’s Fitness Program with These Best Fitness Gadgets

As a parent, you should pay more attention to your kid’s activities. Often, kids only spend their time with their laptop and phone, these days, which can make them susceptible to many health problems.

But tracking for your kid’s calorie burnt, exercise program, and their daily activities might be too much to handle. And when it happens, fitness gadgets are precisely the right tools that can make your life easier. But which fitness gadgets are the best for your kid?

LeapBand by LeapFrog

jumping kidThis gadget does not function like the ordinary activity trackers which rely on calorie counting and exercise reminder. For adults, such features might work, but not for kids. Kids need an imaginative and playful interface to make them always interested in following the gadget’s program. And LeapBand by Leapfrog is the precise gadget with such feature.

LeapBand has interactive pet avatar with which your kids can play. There are physical challenges on the device that gives jewel reward. And in return, your kid can use the jewels he/she has earned to either upgrade the existing pet or unlock the new ones.

LeapBand also encourages your kids to learn about nutrition and balanced diet. There are various games for choosing the good food ingredients and scheduling meal time. Your kids can learn discipline too with the device.


GadgetsThere are many Fitbit series on the market, and they are actually designed for both adults and kids. None of the series has a fantasy theme design or is exclusively intended for kids. So your kids in their early teenagehood are the ones who probably will have no trouble wearing it.

A Fitbit works more like an activity logger and tracker. You can connect your kid’s gadget to your phone and monitor his/her daily activities. You will know how much calories your kids burn, how many steps they usually take in a day, and whether your kids have enough sleep or not. It is the most comprehensive fitness tracker that has ever existed.

But because of the series availability, choosing the right one can be tricky. And you might spend your time thinking, “what is the best Fitbit for childrens?” And after extensive research, here are the best Fitbit series for your kids:

Fitbit Flex 2

Kids SwimmingFitbit Flex 2 might look too expensive because one item costs around 60$. But it has waterproof feature, which can facilitate your kids if they prefer more water sports than the others.

The design is also compact enough. With only LED and vibration, the tracker is comfortable and slim enough to wear every day.

Fitbit Zip

What is good about this gadget is that your kids do not need to wear it on their wrist. Fitbit zip can be attached anywhere and work as efficiently as possible to track the whole activities of your kids.

Important notes

kid's sportBefore deciding to buy your kids a fitness tracking device, do not pretend not to know that the tracker can also function as a surveillance device. Consult your kids and ask for their opinions.

If they agree, make sure you do not cross the boundary and invade their privacy. Otherwise, the fitness tracking device that is supposed to make your kids more active will cause anxiety.