Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Exercises That Will Help You to Lose Weight Without Pain

Weight loss program can be torturing and painful. Hours of treadmill and cardio will mostly leave ourselves with sore muscle and joints. In severe a case of obesity, high impact exercises can be dangerous to practice because it makes the person prone to joint dislocation and muscle injury.

Here we are going to learn the alternatives to high impact exercises. They still can contribute to weight loss program but without the excruciating pain.


swimThere are three common styles of swimming: breaststroke, freestyle, and dolphin. For a beginner, breaststroke is the easiest to learn and the least likely to cause injury. And the calorie burnt every hour is also high, which is around 700 calories.

Do three times of one-hour swimming every week, and you will feel the effect as soon as three months later. After you can adapt to the intensity of the training, you should increase the duration up to three hours. That is 2100 calories burnt per training season.

If you are bored of breaststroke, try freestyle. But be careful because this style might make you prone to suffering from a muscle cramp. Back injury is also a risk. But once you master freestyle stroke, you can swim faster and burns much more fat.


yogaWe might have heard yoga as a flexibility-enhancing exercise only. But there is much more than that. Yoga can get as intense as parkour regimens because it uses our body weight against our muscles.

There are also many styles of Yoga, from the least to the most intense. And you can combine them all in one session. For example, Moon & Sun Hatha is a meditative posture that can get you the right and calm mental state. It can help when you feel the craving for overeating. And after can master your mind, you can do the sets of Power Yoga. It has many plank-like positions and postures that will put strains on your thigh and back muscles.

Low impact aerobic

AerobicAerobic is the best exercise for weight loss, but sometimes the moves are too hard for an overweight person. The alternative to that is the low impact aerobic exercise.

A low-impact aerobic exercise aims to burn calories by elevating heart rate, but without forcing muscles and joints to perform straining poses. It will not leave you with painful knees and stiff thigh muscles, yet you will be sweaty and feel the burning.

Low impact aerobic programs include exercise walking, elliptical trainer, and stationary bicycling. You can do them all at home. Just join an online training program, or choose a trainer that can help you to memorize all the work out sets, and then do them by yourselves at home.…

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