Various Types of Kayaks

A kayak allows you to reach various parts along the beachside that you are unable to see from the shore. However, most people face the challenge of selecting the best kayak because there are many types of kayaks that you can get on the market today. Therefore, it is essential to understand that kayaks are classified in various ways based on how you use them, where you sit in them, and even their structure.

You need to know the best type of a kayak you need based on your likes and preferences. Also, you need to determine the need for purchasing a kayak. This is because different kayaks are meant for various functions. After you have determined the use, you will also know some of the specific tips to put into consideration. If you do not know the type of kayak to purchase, then Visit www.kayakudos.com for more. Below are various types of kayaks you need to know.

Sea kayaks

uytredsxcvbnSea kayaks are also known as touring kayaks. These types of kayaks are well known because they are seaworthy, fast and long. You will realize that most of the sea kayaks run from 16 to 19 feet long. Also, they contain bulkheads and hatches. The bulkheads are used to keep the water in the cockpit while the hatches allow the user to access the interior of the kayak such as in front of the toes and behind the seat.

Recreational kayaks

Just as the name suggests, recreational kayaks are used for recreation. Most of these kayaks are ten to twelve feet long. However, one thing you are likely to realize with these kayaks is that they are most stable and comfortable unlike the other types of kayaks. Therefore, if you are planning a holiday at the beach, these are the best types of the kayak to choose.

Whitewater kayaks

kiuytrdfcvbnThese are also another type of kayak you need to know. These kayaks are not used because they are small in size since they are half the length of sea kayaks. The main difference you will notice with whitewater kayaks is that they have substantial rocker whereas sea kayaks have no rocker. Also, whitewater kayaks do not carry a lot of things compared to the sea kayaks. Therefore, when you are making your decision, ensure that you know the features of these different kayaks. Also, you can categorize other kayaks into inflatable and folding kayaks.…

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