Competitive Sports

Best Competitive Sports that Can Significantly Improve Your Health

Exercising in a stationary cycle is not for everyone. For once or twice we can still bear the dullness and the monotonous activity. But doing it three times a week for months? It will not only bore us but also ruin our vigor to exercise. And that is why we need to diversify our training schedule with competitive sports.

But all exercises can be done competitively, can’t they? Well, what we are discussing in this article are sports like football, ping pong, and chase tag.


SoccerFootball requires you to be agile and precise. If you play on a professional soccer field, you must have the endurance to move on a 1.76 acres open field. The sport trains your muscles to work in its most natural use. You must walk, sprint, and do a progressive running to keep up with the game.

Football has been known to increase the player’s lungs capacity and the heart condition. It is even better than a boring marathon because, in football, you are forced to maintain your energy for both explosive and steady output. In a marathon, once your body gets used to it, your body will not improve any further.

Football also keeps your cognition in a prime condition. You must know how to read your opponent’s move and to communicate with your team members through movement. Football also teaches how to apply a strategy and adapt to change in competition. The benefits surpass the sport itself.


pingpongDo not underestimate Ping-pong. In a glance, you might perceive the sport as easy because the game only takes small place to play. The truth is, Ping-pong players need to have a sharp focus on the movement of small objects, which are the Ping-pong ball and the bats. The game can significantly improve one’s hand-eye coordination.

A Ping-pong player is also required to have a good reflex to respond to the ball. By regularly practicing the sport, you can improve your reflex so that you will be less likely to get an injury. It is the poor reflex that often causes a person to stumble, fall from a vehicle, or have accidents.

Another advantage of playing Ping-pong is that you can put the table in your house. Your game can stay indoors when the weather is terrible, and once it is sunny, you can move the table to play it outside, even to the beach. If you plan to have one, you can check the information on Twitter. Ping Pong World Magazine account covers reviews on Ping-pong equipment and the professional matches around the world.


ParkourYou probably know Chase-tag as a child’s play. But the competition has found its adult enthusiasts and has been modified into a sport that will deplete your energy in no time. Obstacles are placed on the Chase-tag arena, and the players should tag each other while avoiding the obstacles and taking advantage of the environment.

Professional Chase-tag is gaining popularity in the UK, Japan, and Netherland. Chase-tag is challenging because it basically uses the principal movements of parkour. All kinds of evading move, from backflipping to jump-rolling, are all allowed in the game.

If you cannot find a gym for Chase-tag in your location, perhaps you can start on your own. Ask your friends to help you and make use of local unused things, such as truck tires, metal pipes, and plate boards.